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Belleville High Banks Track Facts

  • The half mile mark is actually about 10 feet from the bottom of the track.  The top of the track is approximately 5/8 of a mile.

  • Although it is called a "dirt track"; it is made of Kansas gumbo clay for its tackiness.

  • The banking is not less then 23 degrees with the highest being in the back stretch.

  • In 1933 the Belleville High Banks received it's banking.

  • What's the latest date in a year that auto racing has been held at the North Central Kansas fairgrounds?

    November 6th! Under the auspices of the Robert E. Gordon Post #133 American Legion of Belleville & Concordia, a full slate of races were held on a Thursday afternoon in 1924. Winners from that day included Belleville's Charles Blosser, the team of Nesmith & Waugh from Belleville, Abilene's Harold Roller, F. Goodrich of Belleville, & St. Joseph, Missouri's Lee Reynolds.


  • In four IMCA races during the 50th Anniversary season of 1960 on the High Banks,
    how many times did the Hector Honore / Bardahl  Special win the feature event?

    Three times, with Tampa, Florida's Pete Folse at the wheel. The "Black Deuce", Honore's #2, was an
    open-wheeled big car and picked off the Memorial Day Classic, plus the two NCK Free Fair events.

    The fourth feature, ran on Monday, July 4th, was an IMCA Stock Car race. The 1959 IMCA Champion,
    Ernie Derr of Keokuk, Iowa, won that show in his #1 Pontiac.

  • What is the name of the first racing event on the High Banks, to feature "Big-speedway" type engines in their big cars? 

    The 1st Annual Belleville Mid-Summer Championship races, held on July 1, 1951.  Close to 7,000 fans were on hand to watch Tampa, Florida's Frank Luptow, in the Black Panther Offy, win the feature over Bobby Grim of Indianapolis, Indiana.  Reserved tickets sold for $2.10 each, while general admission passes were only $1.50.


Trivia Question

Name the only driver to compete in these races: 1986 IMCA National Modified show during the NCK Free
Fair, the 2010 Belleville 100, & the 2011 NCRA Labor Day Modified race at the Belleville High Banks.....

Name the only other driver who competed at the 1986 IMCA National Modified show during the NCK
Free Fair & the 2010 Belleville 100.....



(Answer at bottom of this page) 








David City, NE Scott Styskal has progressed from a 16th-place finish on August 11, 1986,
to a 14th-place finish on July 3, 2010, to a sixth-place result on September 4, 2011.

The other driver to compete in the shows mentioned is Rochester, Minnesota's Garry Hall.  Half of the
"Flying Hall Brothers", Garry brought the #75 home in 13th back in 1986, and 24th in the A-Main during the 2010 show.


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